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SFP: Episode 322: Boop-the-Snoot

This episode contains: With Ben absent, Devon fills the podcast with talk of Star Wars Squadrons and using the Force maybe.

Halloween Spooktacular: Shifts In Pet Cemetery Practices Reflect Our Changing Relationship With Animals. Devon talks about human relationships with animals with regards to pet cemeteries. He also has no idea what booping the snoot is. For shame.

Halloween Spooktacular 2: We talk about The Thoughts of a Spiderweb. Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs. Orb spiders were able to change their web strategy to mimic ancient spiders. We talk about extended cognition and embodied cognition a little bit.

Science Fiction: Devon talks about Children of Time and Children of Ruin a bit. We discuss the passing of James Randi, renowned skeptic. Steven finished Jurassic Park and started reading The Lost World and talks about their main themes, which are not dinosaurs. Steven has also been making his way through Star Trek Discovery Season 2. Devon is reading/listening to the newest Bobiverse story: Heaven’s River. We talk about ‘Brave’ New Worlds (which is not the title) the new Star Trek show that is coming. (Strange New Worlds is the real title; I’m sure Ben had a stroke when he heard us.)

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