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MFX: MFXtra: 3 Pints with Betty – Ep 26.

Welcome one and welcome all, the bar is open, the drinks are poured, so raise a glass to all the biggest nerd news stories of the past couple of weeks. Join your heroes Duckman and Marc Abrigo as they give nerd news and reviews the full 3PB treatment. On the show this week…

Of course it’s Cat Chat to kick things off, what else could the lads start with? Abrigo gives an update on his cats and in particular Bill, where things are getting super weird. Plus there’s some major controversy in Abrigo’s neighbourhood and it’s all cat related. Get all your cat related stories and laughs right here! We never thought the show would become this, but we love it!

Fear not, nerd chat is coming with a detailed review of Godzilla vs. Kong which the lads break down in wrestling terms, they fall in love with Kong all over again, and marvel at the spectacle of the awesome fight scenes between Godzilla and Kong and break the fights down and how well ‘booked’ they were. The lads talk the recent Shang-Chi trailer, which marks a whole new world to explore in the MCU. Marc gives his thoughts on what worked and what didn’t in the new Mortal Kombat movie.

The lads take a look at the new Amazon Prime animated superhero show Invincible. This is a show that has garnered a lot of hype and the lads are both firmly on the hype train! This is a great show and the lads enthusiastic review should get you on board with them! The biggest show to wrap up recently was Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Solider. The lads look back at the whole series, they talk all the twists and turns, the characters and the seriously important issues this show addressed and highlighted. The lads give all their highs and lows from the show and look forward to perhaps a second season, or more likely the future Captain America 4 movie.

Two hours of awesome nerd chat, cat chat and tons of laughs. This is a damn fun show, so sit back, grab a drink and relax with some 3PB goodness. Thanks for listening!

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