RSP: Episode 026: Hocus Pocus

In this episode: Hocus Pocus We keep the Halloween theme going this week with the Bette Midler classic Hocus Pocus. Is Sarah Jessica Parker hot? Is her name really Sara Michelle […]

PBS: Episode 102: Suns Out, Guns Out

This episode contains: Counting the episodes, Disneyland annual passes, supply & demand, shutting down the monorail, jobbing the system, scooters in Disney, fat shamming, fake tits, “Playing the Game” #nobraday, the NFL & […]

DLP: Episode 108: Suh-in Good Good

In this episode, the boys celebrate Halloween for the third time. Pouch and Paco mix it up a bit and switch up their segments. Paco brings in some grotesque news […]

GDC: EPISODE 56: High And Salty

In this episode, Clint is joined by the Awesome Tony, half of the dynamic duo that is the Salty Language Podcast. Clint forgets the episode number, digital Magic vs. physical […]

SFP: Episode 072: Scratching that Itch

This episode contains: No harmonica, dentists and pain, taking it in the mouth, Wild Card game, Devon may be drunk, our extremely tenuous connection to the Nobel prize in physics, […]

RSP: Episode 025: Saw

In this episode: Saw We continue our Halloween month spooky spectacular this week with the movie that started a $800 million dollar box office juggernaut, Saw. Sloan recaps her California trip […]

PBS: Episode 101: Up Brütally Late

This episode contains: California highways, Dorst can’t speak, we welcome back Bridie Mayfield, it’s late in Northern Ireland, Who is Bridie? Game of Thrones, new pieces, Mastodon, Bridie the stalker, nerding […]

DLP: Episode 107: La Bombita

In this episode, Milky becomes an expert in La Bombita, while Pouch is just confused. Ness has been living the Metal life and reviews the new Iron Maiden album, The […]

GDC: EPISODE 55: Declassified With Agent Palmer

This week, joining the show is none other than the famous Agent Palmer! We talk about not attending RCCC, being interrupted by RCCC attendees on Periscope, our phone notifications, liking old school […]

GDC: EPISODE 54: Illegal In 19 States

This episode, I’m joined by Eric Meling (a.k.a., Lady E) of the Ladies Night Podcast. Sneaking out to1 smoke, the Derrick Pierce interview, finding a place to live, early housewarming gift, […]

SFP: Episode 071: From Mars to Arrakis

This episode contains: Hobo harmonica from Germany, strange recording date/time, having a productive weekend with toys, buying keyboard or drums, homemade steak dinner This Week In Space: water on Mars, […]

RSP: Episode 024: The Shining

In this episode: The Shining Ben has done more episodes than Paul, we’ve tried new things that didn’t “overturn the apple cart,” Sloane’s cartoonish keyboard, Sloane is writing, Ben’s Diary […]

PBS: Episode 100: We are Old.

This episode contains: Celebrating, little kid soccer, Lionel Messi, Steven playing soccer, Edna playing soccer, Dorst’s break, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, recording RSP, 1989 Batman, so much Batman talk, […]

DLP: Episode 106: Ganjahorn

In this episode, SPJ returns to discuss his weeaboophobia. Milky makes a strong attempt to be politically correct. Pouch believes that flammable gas is a myth.  Pouch here. Time to […]

SFP: Episode 070: To Tame a Land

This episode contains: Carl’s Jr., hamburgers, crazy pizza toppings, TMNT, Gilgamesh Brewing, X-Wing Miniature Game Force Awakens, Star Wars: Armada Evolutionarily Speaking: Republican campaign and evolution, hermit crabs making rash […]