Episode 073: Craft Whiskey

Recorded March 16th, 2015 This episode contains: Stinky cum, Happy Birthday Bubba, Bubba’s surgery and giant head, Dorst’s giant head, Turbo Graphix 16, Bonks Adventures, Devon’s Giant head, steroid use […]

Episode 042: Galactic Size / Fermi Paradox

Recorded March 11th, 2015 This episode contains: Black cats, Devon’s dog—Zoe, dog training, humane choke collars, life-sized fake dog, Milky Way Galaxy, Snickers Galaxy, Thee Musketeers Galaxy, Baby Rush Galaxy, […]

Episode 072: Furious Neverbeast

Recorded March 9th, 2015 This episode contains: Living to 72; guaranteed or roll the dice with the chance to live longer, thinking about death, beers in college, Dorst’s funeral, corpse […]

Episode 041: Thought Flying / Alien 5

Recorded March 4th, 2015 This episode contains: Steven is hosting, PBS co-hosting, “The Big Chair,” Devon’s game show voice, what game shows we watched, Super Market Sweep, Chopped, game show […]

Episode 071: Keep Your Socks On

Recorded March 2nd, 2015 This episode contains: Screwed up schedules, hungry babies, mystery mass, half eaten gophers and their stuffing, Dorst’s neighborhood cat Eyeless, differences between cats and dogs, Eyeless […]

Episode 040: End of the World / Galactic Civilizations

Recorded February 25th, 2015 This episode contains: the great LEGO purge, office toys, Stephen Hawking’s recommendations, colonizing planets, earth sustainability, AI dangers, dangerous aliens, what the earth looks like from […]

Episode 070: It’s Made for Women

Recorded February 23rd, 2015 This episode contains: episodes flying by, Disney visit, call to the BSers, valeting the car and tips, the funny one, Edna thinks Ben is famous, booting […]

Episode 069: Still the One

Recorded February 16th, 2015 This episode contains: Sloane Steel on the phone, mic troubles, Apple Trojan, 1969 Mustang talk, Tom Petty song, private school, Radford Kustoms, Valentine’s Day gifts, M&M […]

Episode 068: Arcing Ropes

This episode contains: Super Special Patreon Guest Courtney of the QuadCast, listeners and subscribers, dildos, donations, The Don and Mike Show, The Mike O’Meara Show, Big O and Dukes, how […]

Episode 067: Throwing Rubber

This episode contains: 1967 Mustang test drive story, borrowing money, bank loans, sex in the back seat of Charlie’s convertible Mustang, Bernadette -> Betty -> Bernadette -> Betty -> Frog, […]

Episode 066: Rent of Horse

This episode contains: Sloane is back!, HoJo, the awesome onesie trash present, Steven the domestic engineer, up the front, heavy washing hands, naked time, breaking the dishes and getting grounded, […]

Episode 065: Blood In Blood Out

Recorded January 19th, 2015 This episode contains: speed limits, special Patreon guest Clint from GeekDig, new co-host Nathan, dick measuring, why Clint donated, our worst episode, Championship Sunday, NFC, AFC, […]

Episode 064: Seven Duece

    Recorded January 17th, 2015 This episode contains: number preps, Nintendo 64 and Goldeneye, big screen TVs and giant stereos, 19-20 roommates, wave runner Pennywise, sharing a bed, moving […]

Episode 063: Sweded Ghostbusters

Recorded 1-5-2015 This episode contains: the return of Steven!, resurrection, Mexican babies, the epic story of Emily’s birth, contractions and pee, 30 hour labor, dilations, 3cm epidural, waist up, sobbing […]

Episode 062: Bester Of

Edited 1-6-2015 Its another best of.  Not becuase we are lazy, but because we are busy.  This best of contains, doctor visits, Oculus Rift, Minecraft and money.  Enjoy this little […]

Episode 061: Spaz Cats & Crying Babies

Recorded 12-22-2014 Momma Nicky, porn music, non-blog, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, EPIC FAIL!!  Dads & video games, old school video games, annoying sounds, christmas traditions, christmas rigamroll, naps, Santa, tracking Santa, broken […]

Episode 060: Reverse Baby Bird

Recorded 12-15-2014 This episode contains: Two Bens, new babies, feeding Lawless, rhyming, rhyming tournament, Lawless ‘s problem with rhyming, drinking ideas, Bubba vs Flint, pulling the Lawless, how not to […]