Episode 091: Spittin’ Dat Game on Dis Mic

In this episode, the boys celebrate their inclusion into the BS Podcast Network. SPJ returns to express his disappointment in the masses for honoring Kanye West with an honorary doctorate […]

Episode 036: The Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen

Clint’s blue balls, officially part of BSPN, our shenanigans of the week, our interview with Erik Larsen – origins of Image Comics and Savage Dragon, Robert Kirkman, creator-owned content vs others, DC […]

Episode 053: Not Star Trekkie Enough

Recorded May 27th, 2015 This episode contains: Devon’s birthday, last birthday with Ben and Steven (PD Sep. 31), Firefly Yahtzee, Star Wars: Armada, Loot Crate, Power Up Box, need for […]

Episode 083: Grinding

This episode contains: Steven’s name, why we celebrate Memorial Day, Saving Private Ryan, Captain America, Dorst’s cousin lost a leg in Iraq, battlefield injuries, knee joints, prosthetic leg jokes, Steven’s […]

Episode 009: Total Recall

In this episode: Total Recall Sloane and Paul watch a classic from 1990, starring your favorite Predator killer and California Governor, Mr. Douglas Quaid. But first, our plucky hostess, Sloane Steel, tells […]

Episode 052: What a Lovely Day

This episode contains: SFP turns 1, the ups and downs of SFP, Daredevil (4 out of 5 according to Devon), The Martian by Andy Weir (5 out of 5 according to […]

Episode 082: Choreography of Chaos

This episode contains: Numerology, Dorst took a David Lynch class, California writing test, making a Lynch movie, Dennis Hopper is dead, Twin Peaks, fire bush, watching porn with strangers, Lynch […]

Episode 008: Predator

In this episode: Predator Sloane and Paul watch a sweaty classic from 1987, Predator. Featuring the manliest handshake known to man, massive love for Carl Weathers, mercenary definitions, Arnold and […]

Episode 051: Night Diving

This episode contains:“Funny anecdote here,” Devon’s trip to Hawaii, manta ray night diving, plankton attracted to light Pop-Sci: NASA and squid robots, NASA funding new ideas, soft robot squid pros […]

Episode 081: A Peasant’s Death

Playing with knobs, why don’t we make jokes about the show number anymore? Steven’s not a racist, Mexican food vs. BBQ, white people discounts, why is race still a big […]

Episode 007: Top Gun

In this episode: Top Gun Sloane and Paul watch one of the most jet filled, Tom Cruise smirking, adrenaline pumping, volley ball playing movies of all time. Listen to them […]

Episode 050: Revenge of the Fifth

This episode contains: Cinco de Mayo, Revenge of the 5th, Han Cholo, something about the French, the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, new format: Pop Sci: iPhone case pulls energy […]

Episode 080: Listener Appreciation

This episode contains: What we thought would happen when we started doing the show, where we are now, circus clowns, things we’ve done since we started the show, old stinger […]

Episode 006: Animal House

In this episode: Animal House Sloane and Paul watch one of the most recognizable college movies of all time. They reminisce about their own college experience, including sexy times, the […]

Episode 049: Super Volcano / Barbarians

This episode contains: R2 with rockets, fans put X-Wing in space, Yellowstone, super volcano, other volcanoes, judgement day (Terminator), cloning dinosaurs for oil, Steven’s Jurassic Park story,  video gamer brains, […]

Episode 079: Get Money

Recorded Aptril 25th, 2015 This episode contains: The epic conclusion to the Dropping Pure BS: The Brodown crossover event spectacular! Featuring: BigBigDickSteve, Fred Dorst, WildCraft, Milky, SPJ and Pouch! The […]