PBS: Episode 112: Steven Awakens Devon’s Force

This episode contains: Rolling in hot, numerology, even numbers, Man in a High Castle, Hitler Jesus, Star Wars, money, Rotten Tomatoes, negative reviews, cash grab sequels, spoilers, Star Wars talk, even […]

DLP: Episode 118: ‘Ello Govna!

In the last episode 2015, Ness returns to give a very SPOILER-filled review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ness and Milky pressure Pouch into doing an English accent, when […]

GDC: EPISODE 66: 2015, Year Of The Geek

As 2015 draws to a close, Clint & Todd reminisce over the Year Of The Geek. They talk about their weeks, transitioning from smoking to vaping, Clint’s crappy Star Wars spoiler, watching […]

SFP: Episode 082: Scared in a Low Polygon World

This episode contains: Return of the harmonica, Miles Greb and After the Gold Rush, getting sh*t wrong, grinding in RPGs, listening to podcasts while playing video games, Everquest, Fallout, science […]

RSP: Episode 034: Lethal Weapon

In this episode: Lethal Weapon This week we watched the Christmas classic, Lethal Weapon. Before we talk about the movie we talk about kids and what kind of vagina Dorst is […]

PBS: Episode 111: Fartrometer

  This episode contains: Numerology, phone numbers, hot buttered rum, Dorst has a screwed up pallet, things about us, Dune is not good, Jessica Jones review #spoilers, ridiculous deaths, sound editing, […]

DLP: Episode 117: Once Upon a Time Ago

In this episode, SPJ returns to pitch his new Science Fiction thriller, Pretzelmania 15: Vape at the Beach. Milky wants to talk soccer news so badly, while Pouch ignores him […]

GDC: EPISODE 65: Autographing The Table

 Todd returns from the dead, making deals with Cthulhu, being sick, new glasses, Clint’s a lover & not a fighter, Todd sounds like Barry White (not Betty White), Fear fills in, […]

SFP: Episode 081: Briny Sublimation

This episode contains: Posh dinner party, spices, scuba diving classes, enriched air diving, oxygen in the atmosphere, breathing pure oxygen, Twister and Michael Crichton, J.J. Abrams early career, no interview/guest […]

RSP: Episode 033: Scrooged

In this episode: Scrooged This week we watch the Bill Murray Christmas classic Scrooged! Does Sloane have a new job? Is she bitter? Dorst has some family traditions and Sloane thinks […]

PBS: Episode 110: It Must Have Been Love

This episode contains: Rolling starts, Wookey Jack, English pints, old Dorst, show anniversary, healthy cakes, what people like, sugar, ketchup, time goes by too fast, Dorst’s birthday, Dorst the watch guy, […]

DLP: Episode 116: Milky/Pouch Experiment

In this episode, Milky and Pouch attempt to host the pod together with no Semi-Permanent. They found little success. Pouch complains about the sudden influx of Snape Haters, while Milky […]

RSP: Episode 032: Outbreak

In this episode: Outbreak Sloane has to deal with the fallout of raging in Costa Rica. The Cubes, the Dons and the Pats keep our hosts company as they watch the […]

PBS: Episode 109: The Men in the High Castle

  This episode contains: Periscope hilarity, Metroid mindset, Sloane’s family, Dorst is confused, complaining is cathartic, old dogs, Facebook is still terrible, dogs bark, telemarketers, we know nothing about Brazil, Thanksgiving recaps, […]

DLP: Episode 115: Jackhammer Jesus

In this episode, SPJ returns to inform us of some sacrilegious sex toys and then introduce us to a red diaper-clad Sean Connery, in a new Semi-Plot. Pouch explains the […]