PBS: Episode 107: Spoiled n’ Grumpy

This episode contains: Seven quotes, “7” facts, Sons of Anarchy spoilers, Dorst shutdown his Facebook, Rhonda Rousey, Bernie Sanders, Paris and the Internet, news from Facebook, Fallout 4 talk, the internet […]

DLP: Episode 113: Simply Not Pouch

In this episode, Pouch takes his first absence from the podcast, leaving Milky and Paco to run the show. The couple bicker about how Paco is both a punk kid […]

SFP: Episode 077: Metroid Mindset

This episode contains: No second chances, Fallout 4, wisdom teeth and babies, medieval dentistry, Devon is Home Alone, scuba diving lessons, Devon leans as a kid from Rescue 911 that […]

RSP: Episode 030: The Help

In this episode: The Help Something happened this week that has never happened before. We are not going to tell you what that was here because we want you to listen. […]

PBS: Episode 106: Day of Release

This episode contains: Steven is pissed, Gamestop, Fallout 4, deluxe editions, pirated software, the deep dank web, SPJ, Red rooms, Dropping Loads, listening to podcasts, Starbuck cups, Wacko of the week… […]

DLP: Episode 112: Fetal Goo

In this episode, Paco returns to introduce her trusty Bitchstick and the various scenarios in which she had to use it. Pouch doesn’t understand Shia Labeouf. Milky thinks that Tommy […]


I am joined by writer Ken Centers and artist Paul Gori to talk about their upcoming book, Astropunk. Happy birthday Jordan, salty language, Blade Runner influences, Star Wars tattoos, evolving a story, […]

SFP: Episode 076: Boldly Going back to TV

This episode contains: Sitting far away, having a beer and relaxing, Steven’s Loot Crate is finally coming, Apple Watch and unwrapping videos, Fallout 4 coming out so soon! This Week […]

RSP: Episode 029: Step Brothers

In this episode: Step Brothers This week we watched the Will Ferrell comedy Step Brothers. We don’t really talk that much about it though. What we do talk about are needy […]

PBS: Episode 105: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

This episode contains: Shit talking right off the bat, advertising opportunities, Jerry and Dave from The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show, hums, coming up with the idea for BCBC, Jerry and Dave […]

DLP: Episode 111: Deep Dank Web

In this episode, SPJ returns to regale us with his adventures surfing the Deep Dank Web, while Pouch becomes sufficiently depressed. Milky gets confused about one of Pouch’s articles and […]

GDC: EPISODE 59: Taking A Darker Tone

I’m joined once again by independent comic creator, Ben Miller, to talk Issue #3 of Judges. We talk about what Judges is, Comixology, a random digital cat, preferring the physical media, […]

SFP: Episode 075: The Turkinator

This episode contains: High school drink, no beer, no mixers, The Quantum Entanglement or The Solution (peppermint vodka and ginger beer), Star Wars tease (that’s never paid off) This Week […]

RSP: Episode 028: Cabin in the Woods

In this episode: Cabin in the Woods Sloane is back and this week we watched the Joss Whedon horror movie Cabin in the Woods. You have to listen for a while […]

PBS: Episode 104: 156 Hours

This episode contains: The show is 2 years old… sort of, Steven’s mind is blown, 156 hours of content, Patreon bonus shows, Ben and Martine in Vegas, Dorst loses at craps, […]