Episode 026: Marathon Commitment

Recorded April 28th, 2014 This episode contains: Marathon training, congrats to Julia and Nicole, SLO marathon talk, the Madonna Inn, happy-sad breakdowns, City to the Sea half marathon commitment, the […]

Episode 025: The Colonists

Recorded April 21, 2014 This episode contains: an awkward opening, marriage and drinking, sausage burps, continental breakfasts, commentary on the commentary, Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson on the colonists, YouTube clips […]

Episode 024: Purplepalooza

Recorded April14, 2014 This episode contains: 24 tv show, Netflix discs, streaming, office ages, podcast names, MTV, internet radio, falling into the wiki hole, live shows, STRFCKR, small shows, MySpace […]

Episode 023: Spoiled Rotten

Recorded on April 7th, 2014 This episode contains: LOST numbers, finales, water cooler events, dinner parties, Martine got angry, ****SPOILERS: How I Met Your Mother finale review**** Edna not sleeping […]

Episode 022: Pulling Back the Curtain

Recorded March 29, 2014 This episode contains: phone interruptions, March Madness, a nice set of cans, Special Guest: Mrs. Nicole Lawless, sagging and surgery, professional tick remover, grammar and text […]

Episode 021: Oculus Sniffles

Recorded March 26, 2014 This episode contains: Blackjack, Las Vegas and traveling, iPad Scrabble, bartender train rides, sleep deprived driving in my 1986 Mercury Topaz, sick Dorst and sick kids, […]

Episode 020: The Sock Hypothesis

Recorded March 15, 2014 This episode contains: bad math, not the origin show, two special guests: Benjamin Lawless and William Devon Craft Esq, over 2,000 downloads, dick lawyers, phase three, […]

Episode 019: Sex, Drugs and Movies

Recorded March 10, 2014 This episode contains: ménage-a-trois stories, Threesome movie, the sandwich, sneaking a peek, sex, alcohol and drugs, mushrooms, cardboard, LSD too speedy, weed, everything but shooting heroin, […]

Episode 018: By the Numbers

Recorded March 3rd, 2014 This episode contains: sodomy legality, romantic jerking, turning 18 stories, watching porn with dudes, getting lubed up, thievery stories, 7-11 smooth criminal, accidental digital camera theft, […]

Episode 017: Dark Knight Detective

Recorded February 24, 2014 This episode contains: counting the rings, Dorst family disinterest, talking to the higher powers, banana hammock, the gay zone, R.I.P. Harold Ramis, reviewing his huge library […]

Episode 016: Flux Capaci-tater

Recorded on February 17, 2014 This episode contains: Inappropriate PBR, attractive males and Dorst’s hidden desires, crotch muscle, pretty boy eyes, Edna in love, twitterpated, the trials of being a […]

Episode 015: This Episode is Awesome

Recorded February 10, 2014 The episode contains: Learners permits, curfews, sore throats, baby spit up, rotten milk, The Pit, ashes, BMI and kids, types of fat, Michael Sam and his […]

Episode 014: Frosted

Recorded February 6, 2014 This episode contains: Skype issues, beagle noses, Marvel LEGO, Disney Infinity updates with Star Wars and Marvel, NFC tech, Rock Band and purchasing peripherals, DLC support, […]

Episode 013: Tooth Fairies

Recorded on January 27, 2014 This episode contains: Number thirteen lore, the alien conspiracy history channel, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mr. Wizard, science magic kit, burp, lost teeth, going […]

Episode 012: Science Faction

Recorded January 20, 2014 This episode contains: dirty dozen, William Devon Craft, Esq. jumping right in, pants gangsters, geekery of choice, FTL, Science Fiction and Science Fantasy, Star Trek breaking […]

Episode 011: Egg and Cheese

Recorded on January 13, 2014 This episode contains: the collaborative process, shoutout, swiss cheese pervert, craigslist, Fast and the Furious 6, timelines, laughing at and with, The Expendables, irony, tuner […]

Episode 010: Body Modification

Recorded January 06, 2014 This episode contains: Sesame St, The Muppets, movie release dates, Godzilla, anti-skip, Chris Gore and PodCRASH, the glorious leader and his dog habits, the worst ways […]