PP: Episode 96

Halloween Elephant rescued ten miles out at sea off the coast of Sri Lanka (3:45) Playboy introduces first transgender centerfold model (8:15) Bill O’Reilly…The “victim” (16:30) “Kid” Rock says Senate […]

NWW: Episode 57: Noah Spear

Noah Spear is a world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who owns Spear Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Philadelphia. You can follow him on Instagram & Facebook @Spearjiujitsu. You can find his […]

TS: Episode 131: Evil Behind Closed Doors

The Slant Crew assembles to talk the upcoming opening of the JFK assassination files, the mob involvement in that conspiracy and in the death of Marilyn Monroe. Also the 1987 […]

HBP: Episode 99: Arthur Egeli

Arthur Egeli started working on Murder in the Cape 13 years ago. The story of Christa Worthington’s murder intrigued him. A successful woman, Christa fell in love with a local fisherman in […]

LMU: Episode 65: It’s Already a Little Weird

This week, the boys answer voicemails and texts about being a bad person (3:54-17:40), being extremely drunk (17:41-25:00), naked celebrities (29:50-31:11), and getting a dick job (31:12-36:47). Then, they talk […]