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Category: Bronze

TTM: Episode 18: Getting To Know Us A Bit Better

Join Mark and Justyn in another invigorating episode spanning across multiple genres and breaking the sound barrier. From beginning to end this podcast, with its hosts Adonis and Diggery, were flying by […]

VV: Episode 80: Überlänge

Folge Nummer 80 beginnt mit einem Gespräch über Bürgermeister und wir reden über Unsterblichkeit, Jan Henryk berichtet von “Nocturnal Animals“, “Rashomon”, “Transformers: The Premake“, “Being John Malkovich“, “Person of Interest” […]

TXDE: Episode 107: Shin Sang ok

In this weeks pod a few movies get revied and our Walking Dead is back! news, and our main topic the story of Shin Sang ok!!! 

VV: Episode 79: Alfred Hitchcock und die ???

In der heutigen Folge ist mal wieder Anna dabei und Ludwig regt sich über Hunde und Katzen auf. Jan Henryk erzählt von Hitchcock’s “The Birds“, “The Killer“, “Mean Streets“, “Tomorrowland” […]

TXDE: Episode 106: The Vril Society

This week on the podcast we discuss movies, news, trailers and our main topic is the vril society!! We also talk about our first beer making kit from Brewdemon!!!

TTM: Episode 16: 3-D, Psychics and Sports!!

Mark And Justyn talk 3-D, Psychics and Sports!!! In this episode, we ultimately define our schedule, bring you news and talk about NATIONAL SIGNING DAY for the nation and for Pitt!! We […]