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Category: FLAFFL House

FHP: Episode 101: The Nick Whalen Edition

Kev couldn’t make the Scott Fish replacing Sal stick so this time he tries to replace Steve with Nick Whalen, author of the Devy Report ( and writer for  […]

FHP: Episode 100: FLAFFL 100

FLAFFL, we’ve reached the top! Well 100 episodes at least, and on this episode, we go back on the wild ride that was the first 100 with our very first clip […]

FHP: Episode 97: Free Agents for Sale

Episode Description:With free agency right around the corner, the names that are hitting the market can’t go unnoticed. With guys like Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and more hitting the market, […]

FHP: Episode 95: What Offseason?

Sure, football might be over, but for us fantasy fanatics, there’s no such thing as an offseason. We break some very disheartening news but welcome in a new face to the fold […]