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Category: Gold

GDC: Episode 114: Geek Dig Coast to Coast

(Apologies for the delay in this episode. Thanksgiving & wicked sickness.) What happens when Southern California meets Chicago? We talk late episodes, crappy hotel Wi-Fi, guest podcasts, new puppies, Ex Machina, Sicario, […]

GDC: Episode 112: Ghostbustiers

Welcoming Skip back! The HG’s saving Skip’s bacon, our favorite Garbage Pail Kids,  Clint trolls & pisses off the Christians, the Oral Office, Gears of War 4, from Fabricator to Fornicator, […]

GDC: Episode 111: Corn Butts

Bad Ah-nold impressions welcome Gunny & Ryan (of Horrible Gamers fame) to GeekDig, as Skip is forcibly detained. Don’t kill motorists, the Old Man Gunny story, Clint10 loves Gears Of War 4, […]