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Category: Gold

GDC: Episode 119: Rogue Christmas

Damn the Skype demons, happy holidays, Skip & Clint celebrate Xmas, January 2017 Games With Gold, Amazon drones, the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher, Rogue One review, closings & plugs.

BVB: #43: 2016 Recap Show

On this episode of The Batman vs James Bond Show, Brian is back and has a full recap of the 2016 Batman and James Bond news. From Batman v Superman: […]

GDC: Episode 118: Macho Grande

We are minus Skip this week, but good friend Travis-T of This Freakin’ Show joins in the fun! We geek out, we talk about life and podcasts and adventures, being the nice […]

GDC: Episode 117: Forces Of Destiny

Clint’s 99% free from the plague, thank you Sonalii & Chris, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror, buying Call of Duty, playing Dead Rising 4, Fuller House, on an Elder Scrolls kick, Duck Tales […]

MOW: Episode 144: Dream It! Screw It! Author Geoffrey Golden

For The Hub topic this week, we are talkin’ about the book, Dream It! Screw It! With author, Geoffrey Golden.  Blurb from the book.                                                 “Disney theme park “Imagineers” think up […]

GDC: EPISODE 116: Sonalii and Mambas

Clint catches up with an old friend, the talented & amazing Sonalii Castillo! Actress, director, model, photographer, dancer – she’s awesome! We talk about beginnings, still getting paid, making opportunities & learning […]