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Category: Gold

HBP: Episode 73: Dennys Ilic

“I’m just a fanboy with a camera” Listen as Dennys Ilic, photographer and cinematographer, based in LA talks about his career, shares stories of those he has worked with, and how […]

HOP: Kong Skull Island

Season III Finale Part One of Four #Hunnicyouknowthenameyouknowthefame2017 With myself preparing for the RN Exam this summer. And other personal issues, HunnicOutcasts is closing shop until September 2017. As for […]

NWW: Episode 32: Dr. Colleen Mullen

Dr Colleen Mullen is a therapist and family/marriage counselor who specializes in drug addiction, depression and anxiety. Her website is She also has two podcasts and Shrink 2 […]

TTE: Episode 11: Voldemort Twinkie

Brad has a conversation with Lord Voldemort. The adventures of Lord Voldemort include flipping off a customer, assuming an Asian lady works at a nail salon, little Timmy-Johnny and some […]

FHP: Episode 100: FLAFFL 100

FLAFFL, we’ve reached the top! Well 100 episodes at least, and on this episode, we go back on the wild ride that was the first 100 with our very first clip […]

GDC: Episode 132: Johnny B. Jaws

Skip pursues higher learning while Clint & Steve talk about exploding washing machines, feeling the burn, meeting Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Clint finally watches Jaws and starts Firefly, closings & plugs, then […]

HOP: Super Mario Bros

Season Two Part One “It Don’t Get No Better Than Dis.” September 2015 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It’s been everything from an Nintendo Game. To an […]

TTE: Episode 10: The Velcro Valkyrie

Brad and Jay discuss Mike “Ponyboy” Johnson, The Velcro Valkyrie and Ghostbusters! Subscribe to us on iTunes at Follow us on Podbean at And on the BS Podcast […]

GDC: EPISODE 131: Enter The Rubber Ducky

 This week, the GeekDig crew are re-joined by Dustin (a.k.a., Haas) of the Ridiculous Ramblings Podcast! We talk weeks, upgrading XB1 hard drives, kickass Disney games of our youth, Monopoly gives the […]