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GDC: EPISODE 134: Sony PlaySatan

Steve’s at work, so Clint & Skip hold down the fort. We talk guest spots, Happy Inception Day to Leon Kowalski, solar power, surprise party spoilers, Ghost Recon Wildlands, enter the […]

HBP: Episode 66: Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson is an esteemed actor, having appeared in many tv shows and films in his career. He is mostnotably recognised as Curtis “Lem” Leminsky in The Shield, Herman Kozic […]

NWW: Episode 33: Brian Durkin

Brian Durkin is a Philadelphia based comic who hosts the podcast “Full Belly Laughs”, which can be found on all platforms where you find podcasts. Follow Brian’s podcast on Twitter […]

FHP: Episode 101: The Nick Whalen Edition

Kev couldn’t make the Scott Fish replacing Sal stick so this time he tries to replace Steve with Nick Whalen, author of the Devy Report ( and writer for  […]

MOW: Episode 160: New Countries for EPCOT

Jambeaux, everyone!!! Harambe! On this episode, we add new countries for EPCOT’s World Showcase. We also take a little time to address a couple of listener emails in Guest Services.  […]

HBP: Episode 73: Dennys Ilic

“I’m just a fanboy with a camera” Listen as Dennys Ilic, photographer and cinematographer, based in LA talks about his career, shares stories of those he has worked with, and how […]

HOP: Kong Skull Island

Season III Finale Part One of Four #Hunnicyouknowthenameyouknowthefame2017 With myself preparing for the RN Exam this summer. And other personal issues, HunnicOutcasts is closing shop until September 2017. As for […]

NWW: Episode 32: Dr. Colleen Mullen

Dr Colleen Mullen is a therapist and family/marriage counselor who specializes in drug addiction, depression and anxiety. Her website is She also has two podcasts and Shrink 2 […]

TTE: Episode 11: Voldemort Twinkie

Brad has a conversation with Lord Voldemort. The adventures of Lord Voldemort include flipping off a customer, assuming an Asian lady works at a nail salon, little Timmy-Johnny and some […]