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Category: Live from the Middle Urinal

LMU: Episode 56: You Gotta Chew Quieter

This week, the boys catch up on their weekend (00:00-5:50), and answer voicemails about potentially killing their mom or grandma (5:51-16:02), how to talk to the attractive girl from the […]

LMU: Episode 55: She Won an Oscar for that Role

This week, the boys get a check-in from Phil (00:00-9:30), and answer voicemails about Phil’s accent (9:31-12:54), Kyrie possibly leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers (12:55-24:54), and about underrated mall stores (24:55-38:35). […]

LMU: Episode 54: I Can Live With the Accent

This week, the boys answer voicemails about the worst kind of Instagram girls (0:00-13:00), about what contract Michael Jordan would get in today’s NBA (13:01-23:35), about which country to travel […]