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Category: Live from the Middle Urinal

LMU: Episode 155: He Went Bye-Bye

This week, the boys talk Dom and Phil’s beef and the bet they have on the Jets season (0:00), and recap the Army-Navy game and Joe Burrow winning the Heisman […]

LMU: Episode 153: Tanny Hill

This week, the boys talk about the Devils firing their coach and Rutgers hiring Greg Schiano (0:00). Then, they recap Week 13 of the NFL, including Kirk Cousins is 0-8 […]

LMU: Episode 152: #FireHobbs

This week, the boys talk about how Rutgers is seemingly refusing to hire Greg Schiano as its head football coach and #FireHobbs (0:00). Then, they recap Week 12 of the […]

LMU: Episode 151: It’s Schiano!

This week, the boys talk about Baylor being frauds, Iowa being the upset kings of the Big 10, where things stand with the College Football Playoff, and who could make some […]

LMU: Episode 150: What a Steal!

This week, the boys talk about LSU-Bama (0:00), the feud between Phil and Dom that is brewing (4:30), and what they expect the college football playoff to look like (7:10). […]