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Category: Pure BS Podcast

PBS: Episode 141: Manpunzel

This episode contains: Steven is going bald, shaving your head, thick flowing locks, growing a beard, beard supplements, Gnu’s and buffalo’s, Zootopia, biggest story in the world, UFC sold for 4 […]

PBS: Episode 140: Mustang Sally

This episode contains: Steven banging, Henno, Ness, seasons, Miami seasons, Milky, sandwich, Steven’s AC, house things, what Steven does during the day, what a guy does, Emily’s room is hot, […]

PBS: Episode 139: No Pump Tommen

This episode contains: Brian and Courtney clip, eighteen beers in, Dorst doesn’t drink during the shows any more, disappointing Julia, new app, all out of whiskey, morning shock jocks, Copa […]

PBS: Episode 138: Beaver Pelts

This episode contains: Given up fighting, beaten in to submission, coming to a close, secrets, when would you know it’s done? New button, “That’s racist”, what we do, secret conversations, belated […]

PBS: Episode 137: Orange Faced Raccoon

This episode contains: Dorst is mad, more ridiculous computer problem, is it time for a Mac? Cost twice as much, no more virus’s, rough one, heart attacks, getting fired up tonight, […]

PBS: Episode 136: Puters Gonna Poop

This episode contains: Steven is a technology person, explaining the mystery of computers, updating drivers, recording RSP, internet fairies, Dorst’s office is quiet, no more magic fairies, Sanjay Gupta, Dorst is […]

PBS: Episode 135: CJN

This episode contains: No more fighting, saying something awful, listener of note, Iota got his job back, incest, negative Gryffindor points, shaky voice, too sad to make jokes, front page of […]

PBS: Episode 134: The Whole Tip

This episode contains: Dorst is still loud in his headphones, brand new member of the BS Podcast network, paudcast network, American Idol, you better be funny, trial by fire, Iota is […]

PBS: Episode 133: There’s Water in Beer

This episode contains: New promo, end of season bbq, Nipomo Phoenix, what happens to the banner, perpendicular, geometry, good time, how much did Ben drink, beer every 30 minutes, after party, […]