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Category: Pure BS Podcast

PBS: Episode 131: No Pants Podcast

This episode contains: Steven in still on the phone, not used to the new studio, the guys are fat now, Dorst is meh, Dorst takes his pants off, Dorst’s dick, Elasta […]

PBS: Episode 130: Organic Growth

This episode contains: Steven sounds like he is on the phone, kick ass intro, shitty rappers, interrupted by Periscope, it’s been a long time since we recorded, Steven’s angry, Devon got […]

PBS: Episode 129: Put it in the Bag

This episode contians: Last show in Dorst’s old house, Dorst is getting a sound board, get ready for a quality show, double recording, something happened on Reel Stupid, time travel is […]

PBS: Episode 127: #AliLife

This episode contains: A blown his intro, Popsicle in a Sailor Jerry’s rum drink, forgotten music clips, Allie vs Ali, Floating Butterflies and Stinging Bees, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., Producer […]

PBS: Episode 126: Vlad the Impaler

This episode contains: Numbering, worst fears, ass-blowout, too may kids, keys and cars, softball, kids sports, remembering codes, Apple and the FBI, Steven helps his grandma, Ben and weed, cool […]

PBS: Episode 125: Hand, Foot and Mouth

This episode contains: Dumb bits, Steven has hand, foot and mouth, Ben wants a rewind, Parvo, shaking in bed, poison oak, calls to the county, Martine is going to hate Dorst, […]

PBS: Episode 124: Keep an Open Mind

This episode contains: Still numbering, talking at the same time, Dorst bought a house, escrow, writing more checks, house nerd, FHA loans, first time home buyer, on air lights, going to […]

PBS: Episode 123: Horribly Awkward

This episode contains: Dorst was sick, different colors of green, Jon is doing a bit, Jon finally breaks character, Horrible Gamerz, social anxiety, getting outside of your comfort zone, Jon’s guests, […]