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Category: Potentium

PP: Episode 271

NYC Asian attack Derek Chauvin trial (13:50) The complete and total scumbag that is Woody Allen (33:55) Matt Gaetz under investigation for teenage sex trafficking (1:17:15) Fox “news” being sued […]

PP: Episode 270

Chicago “serial stowaway” strikes again CA man punches 75 year old Asian woman for no reason & she proceeds to beat him with a stick & put him in the […]

PP: Episode 269

TX woman arrested after refusing to wear mask at bank GA spa shootings (13:15) Immigration/Border crisis (24:10) Call from “Leprechaun” Hamish O’Glubbish from Kilmuckridge, Ireland (31:10) Trump State Dept. Aide […]

PP: Episode 268

Physicists claim warp drive is possible My first foray into the realm of Tik Tok videos & You Tube challenges (9:10) Never understood why Americans care so much about the […]

PP: Episode 267

Special episode – Mental health crisis & hospitalization – 2018 PS I apologize in advance for all of the “Ya knows” I guess I do that a lot when I’m […]

PP: Episode 266

UT bill regarding trans women in female sports/Marjorie Taylor Greene & her sign 1st endangered animal cloned (5:10) Another stupid ass gender reveal death (11:00) No charges against Rochester officers […]

PP: Episode 265

Covid – Vaccinations & variants The top four baby food manufacturers knowingly sold toxic baby food that could cause brain damage (7:25) Gorilla Glue blues (12:20) Texas learns about winter […]

PP: Episode 264

Larry Flynt dies FL local water supply system hack (3:45) UT HS offers parents to opt their kids out of black history content (7:30) Prosecutors seek to amend Kyle Rittenhouse’s […]

PP: Episode 262

Marilyn Manson accused of sexual assault by Evan Rachel Wood Oregon drug decriminalization law goes into effect/Steve O shares his brilliant thoughts (15:15) Rochester PD cuffs & pepper sprays 9 […]