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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 082: Scared in a Low Polygon World

This episode contains: Return of the harmonica, Miles Greb and After the Gold Rush, getting sh*t wrong, grinding in RPGs, listening to podcasts while playing video games, Everquest, Fallout, science […]

SFP: Episode 081: Briny Sublimation

This episode contains: Posh dinner party, spices, scuba diving classes, enriched air diving, oxygen in the atmosphere, breathing pure oxygen, Twister and Michael Crichton, J.J. Abrams early career, no interview/guest […]

SFP: Episode 079: Law and Orbit (Dun Dun)

This episode contains: Devon is a certified open water diver, 60 ft, out of air, emergency ascent, all day in a swimming pool, wet suits, breathing under water, buoyancy control […]

SFP: Episode 078: The Earth Collective

This episode contains: Devon may be a little intoxicated, binge watching Rick and Morty, R2 squared and R2 ring bearer,, Devon has a lot of free time apparently, Rick […]

SFP: Episode 077: Metroid Mindset

This episode contains: No second chances, Fallout 4, wisdom teeth and babies, medieval dentistry, Devon is Home Alone, scuba diving lessons, Devon leans as a kid from Rescue 911 that […]

SFP: Episode 076: Boldly Going back to TV

This episode contains: Sitting far away, having a beer and relaxing, Steven’s Loot Crate is finally coming, Apple Watch and unwrapping videos, Fallout 4 coming out so soon! This Week […]