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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 074: A New Hope Awakens

This episode contains: Crashing TIE fighter, trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars through the generations, ubiquity of Star Wars, tickets and servers crashing, Football/Star […]

SFP: Episode 072: Scratching that Itch

This episode contains: No harmonica, dentists and pain, taking it in the mouth, Wild Card game, Devon may be drunk, our extremely tenuous connection to the Nobel prize in physics, […]

SFP: Episode 071: From Mars to Arrakis

This episode contains: Hobo harmonica from Germany, strange recording date/time, having a productive weekend with toys, buying keyboard or drums, homemade steak dinner This Week In Space: water on Mars, […]

SFP: Episode 070: To Tame a Land

This episode contains: Carl’s Jr., hamburgers, crazy pizza toppings, TMNT, Gilgamesh Brewing, X-Wing Miniature Game Force Awakens, Star Wars: Armada Evolutionarily Speaking: Republican campaign and evolution, hermit crabs making rash […]

SFP: Episode 069: Forced Climax

This episode contains: Devon’s decedents will take over the Earth, Pure BS Podcast guest hosts, engagement party, joint finances and the Domingues system, Nature Watch: Apes Know a Good Thriller […]

SFP: Episode 068: Journey to The Force Awakens

This episode contains: Rain forest of Brazil, Devon’s Mom keeps calling, engagement party Nature Watch: Estrogen and frogs, life finds a way, too many female frogs, sampling from different ponds, […]

SFP: Episode 067: After the Gold Rush

This episode contains: Nothing special, Shakespeare, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Ant Man (4 out of 5 according to Devon), Periscope, Captain America: Civil War, stingers Biological Imperative: Gene Leads […]

SFP: Episode 066: Via Periscope

This episode contains: Mics, webcams, no pants deposition, crap on a potato Biological Imperative: Will the Pronoun I Become Obsolete?, bacteria cells, the collective me, size of cells, eggs as […]