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Category: Silver

TCP: Episode 81: Crypto 101?! * WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS* This episode today is to give you a brief understanding and introduction to cryptocurrency; the highs and lows of getting into this world.

VS: Episode 348: Butch Patrick

There aren’t many more recognizable classic television characters than Eddie Munster. Today, we are joined by Eddie himself, the one and only Butch Patrick.  We had a great conversation with […]

VS: Episode 347: Sam Calagione

7 years ago, we made a list of the top 4 guests we’d love to talk to on the show someday.  Today , we bring on one of those guests […]

VS: Episode 346: John Palumbo

Crack the Sky has been performing and recording music for nearly 50 years. Today, we are joined by John Palumbo, singer, guitarist, and keyboardist of what is considered one of […]

VS: Episode 345: Leland Sklar

Today, we talk to a man who has seen it all in the music industry.  Leland Sklar’s epic beard and even more epic bass playing have landed him on over […]

VS: Episode 344: Matthew O’Brien

A story from Vegas that should not stay in Vegas. This week of Verbal Shenanigans has us talking with journalist and author Matthew O’Brien who spent over ten years exploring […]

VS: Episode 343: Chris Van Vliet

It’s hard to narrow down all the things that Chris Van Vliet is involved in.  From film critic, to Youtuber, to podcaster, to winning multiple Emmy’s, Chris has done it […]