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Category: Silver

VS: Episode 190: Raab Himself

Woohoo! Back again with Chris Raab, aka Raab Himself, from Jackass, CKY, and Viva La Bam.  Raab gives us a real insight into how CKY and later Jackass took off, what it was like to […]

TTB: Episode 054: Chocolate Ass

The Two Bobs episode 54 for Monday, February 26, 2018:  What are The Bobs drinking?  Rob slurped down a Powerline Porter by Latitude 42 Brewing Co. https://untappd.comb/latitude-42-brewing-company-powerline-porter/404829     Robert enjoyed a Baltic […]

VS: Episode 189: Snow and Sky Falconry

This was definitely one of the most fun and unique episodes we have ever done. First, Canadian reggae artist, Snow, joins for fun conversation about his smash hit Informer, his […]

TTB: Episode 053: Liquid Fecal Excrement

The Two Bobs episode 53 for Monday, February 19, 2018:  Rob predrank tonight so it should be an interesting episode.  What are The Bobs drinking?  Rob enjoyed an Imperial Doughnut Break from Eviltwin Brewing.     […]

VS: Episode 186: Al Snow and Zap

Episode 186 is coming in hot! First, WWE superstar and ECW legend, Al Snow, joins for a long, in depth conversation about his career, the wrestling business, and the current […]

TTB: Episode 50: Mount Your Sleep Partner

The Two Bobs episode 50 for Monday, January 29, 2018:  The Bobs broadcast live on Facebook this week to celebrate their 50th episode!  What are The Bobs drinking?  Rob enjoyed […]

VS: Episode 185: Mr. Chibbs and Johnny Mo

Wooobaby! We’ve got a tremendous show for you today. First, former Net and Celtic, Kenny Anderson, aka Mr. Chibbs, joins us to talk about his NBA career, his struggles, life […]

TTB: Episode 49: Beer Pyramids

The Two Bobs episode 49 for Monday, January 15, 2018:  The Bobs are off next week but that’s okay because they’re busy gearing up for episode 50!  We’re going live—as […]