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Category: The Slant

TS: Episode 153: Sex & The City

Jay Miller is a comedian, writer, and producer and joins us to discuss Sex & The City and the comedy scene early 2000s to now. @slantshow on FB, twitter, & IG […]

TS: Episode 152: No, Shut Up

Mike Bocchetti and Nick Carra join us for a quick round of No, Shut Up Improv, discuss the state of Late Night TV, and we prank call Preston Lacey of Jackass as well as comics […]

TS: Episode 151: White Russians

Comic Travis Grant joins us to discuss the wild early days of youth mischief, the Andre the Giant documentary, and UFC. @slantshow of FB, twitter, & IG Available on iTunes, Spotify, […]

TS: Episode 149: Routines & Addictions

Socko Jones of Comic Book Jones joins us on a very personal episode to discuss the state of Stand Up Comic Book Jones, mental illness, alcoholism, addiction & horror movies. @slantshow on […]

TS: Episode 148: Science of a House Party

Nick Tilleli joins us to talk house parties, stories from around the comedy scene, the butting of heads, and the gentrifications of neighborhoods. @slantshow on FB, twitter, & IG Available on iTunes, Google […]

TS: Episode 147: How to Beat a Ticket

Kevin Gootee, host and creator of Comics Watching Comics and Antonio Giurato join us to address a critical e-mail, women in sports, gambling during the Oscars, and how to win […]

TS: Episode 146: Sal vs. The Mall Cop

Mike Bocchetti & Joe Mahoney fill the comedian gap left by Pat this week to discuss Joe’s life as a sperm donor, how Joe & Sal came to work together, and Sal’s […]