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Category: The Slant

TS: Episode 135: Live From Irish Haven

Live episode from Irish Haven in Sunset Park Brooklyn featuring comedians Sal Coladonato, Rob Cardazone, Greg Cardazone, Farooq Hussain, Mike Bocchetti, Joe Pally, Andrew Monge, Reverand Sal, Nick Cara, Matteo […]

TS: Episode 134: An Emotional Happy Birthday

The Slant Crew celebrates Greg and Rob’s birthday. They reminisce birthdays past and even get into the Louie CK controversy. @slantshow on FB & twitter Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIN, SoundCloud Slant […]

TS: Episode 133: Hollywood Scandalous

The Slant crew discusses the great game of handball, and other childhood games that lead to a raw toosh. Also the state and ratings of the NFL and MLB, this past […]


The Slant crew is joined by Farooq Hussain and Mike Bocchetti to talk Farooq spending ages 7-17 in Pakistan, and Mike’s past failure and success stories with women. Also the first appearance […]

TS: Episode 131: Evil Behind Closed Doors

The Slant Crew assembles to talk the upcoming opening of the JFK assassination files, the mob involvement in that conspiracy and in the death of Marilyn Monroe. Also the 1987 […]

TS: Episode 130: Get Well Artie 2

Mike Bocchetti, Ibrahim Khalif, Antoni Giurato, & John Kurschner join the Slant Crew discuss the Harvey Weinstein controversy, race in America, and the day Sal and Mike traveled to Compound […]

TS: Episode 129: Chuckle F*ckers

Mike Bocchetti joins the full Slant Crew to discuss a devasting week in which we saw the Las Vegas shooting and the death of legendary comedian Ralphie May. We also […]

TS: Episode 128: America vs. America

Guest comic Pauline Murphy joins the full Slant Crew to talk animals mating, prison life, and Sal at Harlem comedy festival and his first time being in a writers room. […]

TS: Episode 127: The Core 4

You get Sal, Pat, Greg, & Rob talking Yankee lore, French tobacco laws, and the pressures of being a comedian among non comics in a family setting. @slantshow on FB & […]