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Category: The Slant

TS: Episode 125: Hurricanes & Hangovers

Mike Bocchetti joins the Slant crew once again to discuss the Craig Carton of Boomer and Carton alleged charges, Hurricane Irma going through Florida, and Lisa’s 30th birthday party. @slantshow […]

TS: Episode 124: Demons of Labor Day

Sal talks about his recent defeat gambling in Atlantic City where he opened for Jim Florentine and Greg & Rob are back from Baltimore with tales of their trip there […]

TS: Episode 123: The Inside Scoop

Mike Bocchetti joins us once again to talk Mayweather vs McGregor, his experience on Last Comic Standing and stories from the inside of stand up comedy through the years. @slantshow […]

TS: Half a Slant 10: The Art of Bombing

Sal sits down to discuss the insanity of house hunting in this insane market, and the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and a look at the issues and coverage. Sal […]

TS: Episode 121: Blackout & Interruption

The gang shares stories of when each one of them has blacked out when drinking after recapping Irena’s blackout last week at the super episode barbecue. We discuss the current […]

TS: Episode 120: Fake Rain

It’s the 1st ever super episode mashing up The Slant and The Grob & Ant Show! Also a brief return of the original Slant Co-Host Ant! @slantshow on FB & Twitter Available on […]

TS: Episode 118: Mind of the Manwhore

Host of the Manwhore Podcast and stand up comedian Billy Procida joins us to talk about the sexual subculture, taking his podcast on the road, misrepresentation in the press, & […]