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Category: The XD Experience

XDE: Episode 122: The Faith Dimension

Episode Notes:  This week on the Pod we wrap up The CW comics shows, news , voicemails, trailers and we wrap with a crazy topic!!! The 5th Dimension!!

TXDE: Episode 120: Manchac Swamp

This week on the show Mike and Gidget tackle some news, music, trailers and their main topic is The Manchac Swamp!!! grab that beer and enjoy!!

TXDE: Episode 119: Room 428

Episode Notes:  This week on the podcast we dive into TV, News, Trailers, Ghos box session and our main topic Room 428!!! Grab that beer and leave us a iTunes […]

XDE: Episode 116: Mancavers

Episode Notes:  This weeks show is a bit later in the week because I was on mancave musings while gadget was on vaca!! Be back on schedule next week!!

XDE: Episode 113: The Living Corpse

Episode Notes:  This week on the show we have in house # amazing artist! Blair Webb, Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser from The living corpse comic!!

TXDE: Episode 110: le loyon

This week on the show we drink up while brinibg some news, trailers, The walking dead and LE Loyon! The strange man in the woods!!!

TXDE: Episode 107: Shin Sang ok

In this weeks pod a few movies get revied and our Walking Dead is back! news, and our main topic the story of Shin Sang ok!!! 

TXDE: Episode 106: The Vril Society

This week on the podcast we discuss movies, news, trailers and our main topic is the vril society!! We also talk about our first beer making kit from Brewdemon!!!