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Category: The XD Experience

TXDE: Episode 96: Springheeled Jack!!

This week on the show we talk our new President as well as other news! We cover The Walking Dead as well as our myth of Springheeled Jack!!!

TXDE: Episode 95: We The People

This week on the show we talk politics, news and dive into stories involving presidents!! So grab that cold one or a ice tea and enjoy!!

TXDE: Episode 94: Elsa Lam

This week on the show Agent M and Inspector Gidget are back with a special guest Jim!!! so grab that pomegranate and a beer and enjoy!!

TXDE: Episode 91: The Ghostman

This week on the show we and sitting down in house with the one and only Blair Webb of Ghostman the comic and Lifes wheel studios!! get ready to hear […]