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Category: The XD Experience

TXDE: Episode 79: Violette Szabo

Here is a fresh new podcast for your enjoyment!! We talk about Preacher, Mr. Robot, The boy and other ttailers and fun stuff!! Dont forget to leave us an itunes […]

TXDE: Episode 75: Acts of Defiance

Notes:  This week we are along side of Normi from Zombiecast and Knuckleballer Radio!!! and after that we have famous acts of defiance in history!!

TXDE: Episode 73: Keanu Commentary

This week on the show Mike and Gidget do a movie commentary of the 2016 film Keanu!! So grab that beer and watch along with us!!! 

TXDE: Episode 69: The Bogeyman

This week on the show Agent M and Inspector Gidget jump into Civil War, news and the topic is The Bogeyman!! Grab a beer and sit back and enjoy the […]