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Category: Verbal Shenanigans

VS: Episode 336: Tony Daniels

We’ve had some really great voice actors on the show over the years, and today we add another one to the list.  We are joined by Tony Daniels.  Tony has […]

VS: Episode 335: Stephen Perkins

Today’s episode is a special one.  We are joined by Stephen Perkins, world renowned drummer of Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyros, and much much more.  Stephen was a such a […]

VS: Episode 334: Tony Franklin

Today, we are joined by a bass legend, a man who has played with the elites of music, and someone who just simply gets it, Tony Franklin. Tony, aka The […]

VS: Episode 333: East of June

Today, we are joined by former Incubus bassist, Dirk Lance, and his new bandmates, Emily Rath and Kyle Mortensen, making up East of June.  East of June provided a fantastic […]

VS: Episode 332: Scott Page

Well, it’s not every day you interview a member of band like Pink Floyd. But today, is that day.  Scott Page is known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar with […]

VS: Episode 331: George Christie

It’s just another week on Verbal Shenanigans.  So, today we simply interview former leader of the Hell’s Angels, George Christie. F George discusses his entry into the club, how and […]