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GDC: EPISODE 45: Sans Pants

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Clint’s sick again, special thanks, Clint cheats on Nathan with Henno on Gotham Lights, vacuum-sealing Catwoman (how does she fart in that thing), Clint is on Green Up, we got our […]

DLP: Episode 98: Shit in One

In this episode, SPJ returns to review Dorian Gray and pitch a new murder/mystery golf film entitled Sh!t in One. Pouch is reeling from the solo podcast from last week, […]

GDC: EPISODE 44: Boo-Boos On My Pee-Pee

EPISODE DESCRIPTION:   Lying about the episode number, the dick handcuff & women prone to its necessity,  Nathan lives in the ghetto, our Skype video is on the first time, Nathan’s into the […]

DLP : Episode 097 : Pouch Alone

In this episode, Pouch hosts the podcast all by himself. He recounts his meeting with a Bulgarian girl, updates you on Boludo, poorly imitates a few people, and offers up […]

DLP: Episode 96: Fat Man Yee

In this episode, Paco returns and regales the boys with yet another convention story, also her meeting with Kevin Smith. Pouch updates us on Boludo, while Milky reminisces on the […]


We are joined by everyone’s favorite friend in podcasting, Henno! We talk pod sluts, golden showers, Henno’s Amazon purchases, paddles, jet ski modding & Henno’s career, biking with Neil, painkiller, the crazy […]

DLP: Episode 95: Blow Hot Air

In this episode, the DLP boys recount their Supercon adventure and meeting Kevin Smith. Milky wants to be the #1 fluffer in the world, while Pouch gets hate mail. Ness […]


This episode includes:  Approaching the 1-year anniversary, Donald Trump, tolerance, gay marriage and the Supreme Court decision, Nathan setting his wife’s boobs on fire, Rockford supposedly has hot girls, Clint knowing who […]