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GDC: EPISODE 40 – Fallout On The Battlefront

EPISODE DESCRIPTION  Nathan introduces his kid Ryan, changes to show info, Fathers Day,  a Disturbed comeback, music videos, Tim Miller’s April Almighty books, what we’ve done, Nathan can’t drive, Batman: Arkham Knight, […]

GDC: Episode 39: The Kings of E3

Nathan is sick, so joined by my awesome friend Tony, Elder Scrolls Online, Clint’s reading comics again, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World review, Lego Jurassic World, we want a Pip Boy 3000, […]

DLP: Episode 93: Taco Fart

In this episode, Paco returns to bring some new tasty Tacos and finds the hilarity in sporks. Milky seems intent on coining new terms to describe Paco’s Tacos, while Pouch […]

DLP: Episode 92: You Shall Not Pass

  In this episode, Ness returns to weigh in on the new PornHub project and heads to Sweden for his band recommendation on Metal Ness. The boys say goodbye to […]

BSPN Special: Episode 7 Circle Jerk

This episode contains: Ben, Steven and Devon of the BS Podcast Network get so excited, they can’t hold it in and have to talk about the new trailer for Star […]