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RSP: Episode 010: Split Lips


In this episode: Split Lips

Welcome to the Reel Stupid Podcast new night and time! Sadly, there is no new Reel Stupid Podcast today, but instead, Sloane and the boys from Pure BS (Ben and Steven) meet for the first time!

This episode contains: Super Special Reddit Famous Guest Sloane Steel, Florida people, Olive Garden pervert, glory-hole picture from Bang Bros. set, going viral, YouTube comments are terrible, complement-ometer, boob rhyming video, jogging partners, star fishing, back massagers and snoring, Dorst getting caught, one handed prayer, the waxing incident, newlywed bliss, the Haitian melting pot, fondue puns, hermit crab, hairy and musky, knee length pubes, Beef-head on Gone Wild, Alan Rickman, spectacular breasts, interview at Bang Bros, porn hazing, director of misc, recruitment for Bang Bus and Captain Stabbin, a salty experience, if you can drive you can jerk off, genki genki, menstruation art, more Brutal Ballet talk with a Wizzard Lizzard GoT cover, soup and hermit crabs and nickels, Kinky Boots Juan, dirty ass smells, fox and raccoon tails, Marie Antoinette, party animal, the haunted house, paranormal investigators, Chupacabra, weird occurrences while high, British accents.

Sloane and Paul will be back next week with a brand new show!

(We promise!)


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