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GDC: Episode 110: Litte Bit Of Bad, Little Bit Of Good


Clint & Skip talk about is it day or night, stripper poles are sporting goods, is pole dancing the next professional sport, pole dancing mishaps, shout out to Henno for his wisdom, network thanks, the “sacrifices” we make for podcasting, speed dating at the Con, Skip’s sexy new piece of tech, Xbox Elite Controller, Luke Cage, Westworld, who added floppy wieners to Westworld, Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, death of Clint’s Hard Drive, Deadpool 2, Clint still loves Keira Knightley, taking the nephews to an old-school arcade, Clint plays the unreleased Beavis & Butthead arcade cabinet, more gaming than movies, getting back into Dying Light, Happy Dungeons, Gears Of War, teasing an upcoming guest, opening up Elder Scrolls Online, a new Cult video game, leaked Dark Tower trailer, Oathbound Comic for sale, milking franchises, are shorter seasons better for TV, 13 is the sweet spot, the duality of characters, one-sided characters are boring, Superman’s hypersonic wad, The Offensive Line, closings & plugs

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