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MOW: Episode 137: Hurricane Matthew and Walt Disney World


In Guest Services. we recognize the following listeners and topics: Mrs. MOWnonymous, Rachel Hercher, Harry Bernstein, Rick Suero, and MOWican Eric Grubb aka Heap Big Sweats.
For The Hub topic this week, we are talking about Hurricane Matthew and Walt Disney World. We have an exclusive interview with Dr. MoWHOcan (aka Leisa Mundy), a MOWican who is currently on vacation at Walt Disney World at the same time Hurricane Matthew is slated to come through the area.
At the time of this recording, Hurricane Matthew was a category 4 hurricane threatening the east coasts of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Walt Disney World was shown as being on the west side of Hurricane Matthew’s CONE OF PROBABILITY. 
This is only the fourth time that Walt Disney World has closed its doors for a hurricane event since it opened in October 1, 1971. What we hope to learn from our discussion with Dr. MoWHOcan is how Walt Disney World cares for its guests during a time like this. Dr. MoWHOcan was staying at the Contemporary Resort at the time of this interview.
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