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MOW: Episode 144: Dream It! Screw It! Author Geoffrey Golden


For The Hub topic this week, we are talkin’ about the book, Dream It! Screw It! With author, Geoffrey Golden. 
Blurb from the book.                                                
“Disney theme park “Imagineers” think up hundreds of ideas for rides and attractions that never get used. But no Imagineer has created more terrible and rejected ideas than Dipp Disney. Walt’s cousin was a sloppy drunk, a complete idiot, and a loveable showman, whose 7000 attraction ideas never saw the light of day… until now.
This mock homage to Disney Imagineering contains Dipp’s most ridiculous concepts, like the Haunted Mansons, the Hindenburg Sky Resort, and Judge Doom’s Toon Execution Room. Includes concept art, photos and stories spanning decades.”
Learn about some of our favorite Dipp Disney attraction ideas and learn a little something about the man who retold this tall tale. This book is a very entertaining read and is chock full of details. We were blown away by the illustrations in the book. This is a extremely well put together book.
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