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TTM: Episode 14: Build A Hipster & Calling People Out…

*NEWS!!!* Although it is our longest episode ever, it is in our opinion ourbest…Join Mark and Justyn as they venture through a number of topics ranging from playing Build aBear but instead of a Bear they build a Hipster/Microbrew Beer Snob (At 34 minutes!!!) tocalling people out for being ambiguous and indirect about their feelings!! (Starts at 1:17ish).There are some touchy subjects as well and for that we apologize. Lots of news, lots of fan questions answered and introducing a new segment entitled “Stump Dutt!” This episode has it all, truly.We had a blast making this episode, and we hope you enjoy it too.As always, feel free to tweet us, Facebook us, stitch us, google play comment, email, or as Justyn said “Send a smoke signal or an owl.” We cannot wait to keep this going, we are having so much fun podding about with you!!
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