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HBP: Episode 71: Exclusive Interview with Lethal Weapon’s Keesha Sharp

“Always love, I think if you go through life loving people, no matter who they are, they may havedifferent views than you, but if we start from a place of love, then your life is going to be better and you won’t be walking around with anger and hate” Keesha Sharp is well known to people around the world for her many roles on TV and Film, both actingand directing. Starring in shows such as Are We There Yet, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris and currently Lethal Weapon, Keesha draws everyone to her with her beautiful smile and talent for her profession. Listen/watch as Keesha talks openly and passionately about her current show Lethal Weapon,as well as her beginnings in acting, and advice she has for those starting out. Her quote above was in response to what piece of advice would she give people and it’s one I think that will resonate with everyone. Keesha is certainly an inspiration to everyone, not just women, in her passion and attitude to get what she wants. Maybe that is why she decided her muppet character would be most like………..

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