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HOP: World War Hulk

After Hulk found a new life. One an war like planet. He took it over. But decided to be a wise “Green Scared King.”However his so called friends. Had other ideas, and that just mad Hulk mad. Real mad…like not even Droopy Dog“You know what?,” “That makes me mad…mad.” You see where we’re getting at? World War Hulk was an five issue.Slug fest between Hulk. His Warbound against The Marvel Heroes of Earth. It’s got everything from Hulk smashing.To pissed off hippies…wrap your head around that one. The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s.They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions. The Opening Theme is The Merry Marvel Marching Society ofthe ’60’s. The Opening/Blooper/Outro Audio Clips. Are From The Incredible Hulk 2008 Film The Merry MarvelMarching Society. And Audio clips are the intellectual property of Marvel Studios/Universal Studios. And the irrespected affiliations. No infringement is intended. The Podcast Artwork is that of Ken Lenniarr.…id913787694?mt=2 Twitter@hunnicoutcasts…utcast-podcast
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