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HOP: Mousey Interview

Mousey Cosplay is in the house-y. She’s a mother who still enjoys to Cosplay. With her son, will tour hospitals. Is partof the Heroes Alliance. So check out the interview, and stay for the
bloopers.…3635257/?fref=ts Hunnicoutcasts isalso available on Itunes and The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do notreflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions. The opening theme is from Halloween III. All audio clips are the intellectualproperty of their respected distribution studios. And their respected affiliations. The Blooper Audio Clips. Are fromRobert Enguland. No infringement is intended. The Podcast Artwork is that of Ken Lenniar The Itunes PodcastArtwork is that of Jeff Batista.…id913787694?mt=2 Twitter@hunnicoutcasts…utcast-podcast

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