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HOP: You’re An Tracer

Season Two Part One Premiere

What can I say about Kendra Hale. She has transitioned, from guest. To Co-host-partner-friend.

She has Turned Thirty The Other Day.

So I only Figured that We’re close to our first meeting.

Then to re-release our first meeting.

The thought/s and opinion/s are that of the individual hosts. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

The opening theme Tube of Wonderful is that of David Priner.

The Audio Clips are from

Danger 5

Chasing Amy

Batman The Animated Series

They are the intellectual properties of View Askew. Warner Bros, Dario Russo and David Ashby.

No infringement is intended from the intellectual properties and their affiliations.

The Podcast Artwork is that of Ken Lenniarr.…d1084176785?mt=2

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HunnicOutcast/Skirt Productions Copyright 2015

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