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HOP: Killing Joke Graphic Novel

Season One/KTMA

This is an oldie but goodie

Last year during All Hallows Eve. Dane Lamont, and Jacob Williams. From Punisher Body Count. Joined Wyatt Jones and Myself. As we see how one bad day. Can change your life forever.

The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

The Opening Themes are that of Bad Day by Daniel Powter. And Shirley Walker’s Joker Theme. The Songs are the intellectual property of Warner Bros. The Estate of Shirley Walker. The Estate of Daniel Powter. And their respected affiliations.

No infringement is intended.

The Radio Drama Clips are that of DigitalDrift/Gonzo Podcast Episode 140.

No Infringement is intended.

The Podcast Artwork is that of Ken Lenniarr.

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