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Welcome Dinner and a Podcast to the BS Podcast Network!

Help us in welcoming Dinner and a Podcast to the BS Podcast Network! You can listen right here right now, or check out our Gold Tier page to find more ways to listen.

Dinner and A Podcast consists of three long time friends that that get together once a week to share a meal and a conversation about movies, TV, comics and just about any pop culture topic you can think of.   The format of our show is very consistent.  We always start off with the news.  Our news usually consists 30% nerd stuff, 30% pop culture, 30% silly/crazy news stories.  Then our favorite segment, “How are you wasting time”?  This is were the boys discuss how they wasted time during the week since the last show.  These stories, many times, include small movies and TV reviews but are mostly funny stories about our everyday lives.  We always have a main topic that we dive into every show and it can be any topic under the sun.  Music, food, comics, action movies, cars, bands, Vacations, you name it we discuss it!!  We end of show with a segment called comic book corner where we review some comics that we are currently reading and social sh#T time where we read tweets and comments left for us by our fan on our social media outlets.

All while sitting in a diner!!

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