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CTT: Episode 39: Don’t Flex on Disney

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the number one place to listen to three idiots and one smart lady debate fake quantum physics! Proven to be the worst podcast host in the world, Ryan Wolf is joined by everyone’s favorite short-attention-spanned weeb, the Master of Muppets Sam “Lil’ Sammi Sammich” Romero, Ryan’s wife “Just Rachel,” and reintroducing the representative for all Mexican-American DJ’s in Indiana who are also into comic books and nerd stuff, his first podcast since Episode 29 where his insanely accurate predictions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have all but come true, DJ Travieso in the flesh Oscar Guerrero! On this episode, we cover a multitude of topics, but listener beware. There WILL be Antman and The Wasp SPOILERS. So, come back to this episode if you have not seen the movie. Also:

Sam’s dead beta fish

Oscar goes to Mexico to see family

What’s the hottest thing you’ll eat comfortably?

Disney/Comcast bidding war is over

Meat and Potatoes: Antman and The Wasp Spoilercast

An on-air revamp of our movie rating scale

Is Ghost better than Black Widow or Killmonger?

Speculation for implications of the events in Antman and The Wasp

Jim Carrey for Green Goblin! The campaign starts here!

An uninformed quantum realm debate

Sam gives us the same breaking news as last week

Thank you all so much for listening and for your support! What did you think of Ghost? Should Jim Carrey be Norman Osborn? We would also accept corrections for anything inaccurate we might have said about the way the quantum realm works in the MCU. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave a review if you liked what you heard. You can also let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or via email! A special thank you to the BS Podcast Network for letting us be a part of their crew. We couldn’t do this without you guys. You can give us a piece of your mind at the following internet locations:


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