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VS: Episode 240: Chris Lucas and Thumpasaurus

We are back with another very unique batch of guests, and another week of unique content.  First, we are joined by Chris Lucas, an accomplished author, NYC tour guide, and Disney historian.  Chris is also the son of Ed Lucas, a blind broadcaster who has worked for the New York Yankees for decades.  We discuss his book great book, Seeing Home, life with his father, his love of all things Disney, and his latest work, Top Disney.

We are also joined by the truly unique, LA punk-funk outfit, Thumpasaurus.  Fresh off of South by Southwest, band members, Lucas and Henry, talk to us about the the formation of the band, life on the road, and the creation their first album The Book of Thump, and the explanation of a very unique rock opera involving the many face of John Travolta.  Yes, it was surely a strange interview, but it was surely a great one.  Check em out!


We also talk about Mike’s wife’s crazy Disney office, the latest drama of our good friend Lenny Dykstra, and we learn about some new Bear News.


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