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HBP: Episode 169: Tatjana Anders, Dom Lenoir and Alexa Waugh

Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa Waugh talk about their latest films. Tatjana has just completed her first film, a short film entitled “Your Reality” which concentrates on some extremely important issues in which she has personal experience. Another fantastic storyteller passing on a message to people, Tatjana both produced and played the lead role. 
In “I Love my Mum”, a young boy and his mum accidentally get shipped to Morocco in just their pyjamas. What follows is a fun, fast paced journey as the two of them traverse through Europe making their way back home to London. Produced by Dom and Alexa, who both talk enthusiastically about their new film and the trials and tribulations of filming on a budget and pretty much taking the same journey as the film’s principals.  
Fantastic fun, sit back, relax and enjoy 

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