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SFP: Episode 265: Sci-Fi Adjacent

This episode contains: We ditch Skype and try Discord. Devon tells Steven about Heroes of Land, Air and Sea.

Nature Watch: Chameleon inspires ‘smart skin’ that changes color in the sun. Chemists used photonic crystals to develop a flexible smart skin that reacts to heat and sunlight while maintaining a near constant volume.

This Week in Space: The Water Vapor Find on ‘Habitable’ Exoplanet K2-18 b Is Exciting — But It’s No Earth Twin. Astronomers have detected water on K2-18b, however, it is much larger than Earth, rotates around its star (a red dwarf) much faster and is likely tidally locked. However, it still may be able to sustain life.

Sci-Fi: We talk about The Egg on Kurzgesagt (SPOILERS), Factoring Humanity by Robert Sawyer (SPOILERS), Man Seeking Woman, what we’re reading, Steven is playing D&D.

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