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LMU: Episode 142: I’m Sick of These Jabronis

This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about the Jets season essentially coming to an end (1:00). Then, Roethlisberger is out for the year and Manning is benched for Daniel Jones (12:30). Speaking of which, does Eli Manning deserve to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer? (16:00). Is Mitch Trubisky the real deal or what? He may be competent. He may be (27:00). Tell you what, Joe Flacco is definitely not going to get into the Hall of Fame, that guy stinks. (31:00). The Patriots are so good and it’s disgusting (31:30). Then, they guess the lines for Week 3 (42:00) and give their locks of the week (58:00). Oh, and RIPIP to the Mets season (1:11:00). Then, Justin joins the show to rant about the Jalen Ramsey requesting a trade and if he should want to leave or not (1:19:15). Players—do they have too much power or not enough? It hard to say (1:29:30).


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