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PP: Episode 198

IA gender reveal stupidity & death

8 Year old MI boy burned in “Fire Challenge” (8:10)

Twitter removes political ads as Facebook keeps posting false ones/Mark Zuckerberg (13:05)

Another girlfriend convinces her boyfriend to commit suicide (20:10)

Southwest pilots caught using “bathroom cam” (25:20)

TN convicted teen rapist gets probation (29:15)

Judge rules GA Sheriff cannot put “No trick or treating” signs in front yards of sex offenders (35:55)

Kellyanne Conway intimidates & threatens reporter on recorded phone call (39:05)

Trump – Cancels NYT & WAPO subscriptions at federal outlets/Baghdadi killed/Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump & Obama mashup/Obama on being “woke”/Stephanie Grisham on Trump’s “genius”/Kupperman refuses & Vindman testifies/John Bolton/House moves forward on impeachment/(55:35)

Chris Cuomo on “America First”/Laura Ingraham (1:32:05)

Trump booed at World Series/ND, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs & Sox all suck (1:38:05)

Going to see TOOL! 12th row center at the United Center on Nov. 3rd!

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