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HBP: Episode 176: Armida Lopez talks about her new film Made in America

Actress, producer, director and heroine of the modern-day working woman, Armida Lopez,is set to star in the action, sci-fi thriller BOSS LEVEL, alongside Frank Grillo, Academy Award-winner Mel Gibsonand Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts. The time-loop thriller, written and directed by Joe Carnahan(The A-Team, Smoking Aces) follows a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran (portrayed by Frank Grillo) trapped in a never-ending loop, resulting in him dying every day. In order to stop his endless suffering,he must figure out who is responsible.
Born in El Salvador, Armida and her family fled the country’s civil war when she was 8 years old. Her family came to the U.S. and settled in Sacramento, CA with the hopes of living the “American Dream.” In many ways, she grew up a model student—good grades and interested in the arts. Coming from humble beginnings, Armida felt the need to be financially savvy by finding ways to participate in extracurricular activities that didn’t require her struggling family to spend any money. She would look for free classes/workshops in school that developed her passions in dancing and choir. It was in high school when she caught the acting bug, when she would perform in the school’s plays.
A true hustler, Armida intended to make her dream of acting a reality. Taking jobs as a barista, waitress, makeup artist and ultimately interning for KCRA –TV and the Daniel Hoff Talent Agency, gave her not only insider tools to make it in the industry but a large dose of humility and determination. Her never ending drive, passion and job dismissal led her to pick up and move to LA which led her to step foot into a casting agency and begin her work as an extra. She set goals for herself and kept her moral compass due North during her Hollywood endeavors. Landing a position as a body double for Salma Hayekfor “How to be a Latin Lover,” Armida went on to appear in campaigns for brands like: Nike, Proactiv, Burger King, HP Computers, Modelo, Subaruand most recently, Ultabeauty.
In an era when women are fighting and paving the way for one another, Armida is at the forefront to fight for the status quo. She has taken it upon herself to be a champion of the overlooked and the underestimated. Producing and directing short projects such as MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS-a short film about the deadly Category 5 hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico in 2017 and her upcoming project, MADE IN AMERICA-a short about escaping civil war in El Salvador, which she wrote, produced and will star in. Not one to lose sight of paying it forward, Armida set forth to hire an all women crew for the entire production of the short (aside from the male actors on screen) believing that everyone is able to excel if given the opportunity, regardless of gender, experience and background and she aims to provide that space when possible.
When not on set or self-taping for her next endeavor, Armida spends her (rare) free time reading anything she can get her hands on, boxing and hiking with her Pomeranian, Alpha. [written by Anderson Public Relations]

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