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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 1.

From the ashes arises a new wrestling podcast. Yep, something the world is sorely missing – another wresting podcast. But that’s what we’ve got here for you lucky people. While MFX remains on hiatus the world of wrestling continues to turn and there’s a couple of cheeky Scotsman in the MFX Galaxy who’ve got some shit to say!

That’s right – Duckman and George The Animal Peel are sitting down at The Scottish Announce Table, to talk all things pro wrestling. It’s the test run episode so there’s kinks to iron out, flow and chemistry to grow and the actual style of the show to develop.

Still, hopefully this first (of hopefully many) episodes of The Scottish Announce Table brings you guys a few fun moments and some insight on the worlds of WWE and AEW. It’s a review packed show to kick things off. The lads talk WWE’s Saudi Show, the bizarre booking around it, the terrible finishes and just what the hell Vince McMahon is thinking with all this.

Duckman watched RAW all the way through the first time in around 2 years just for this show. It’s wasn’t as bad as he thought, but it still wasn’t very good. George has been watching everything, so he guides Duckman through the weird world of RAW. It’s a fun little review.

Of course Duckman is a AEW mark. Of course he’s going to gush about AEW Revolution PPV and things AEW. George isn’t as up to speed, so Duckman guides him through the show and all the goings on in AEW.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the show. Thanks for listening

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