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SFP: Episode 315: Boot Loop

This episode contains: We missed last week because of Computer woes and audio issues, We read a listener email which teaches us all about female writers and directors.

Anti-Gravity Love Song: Physicists discover “anti-gravity” in bizarre buoyancy experiment. We talk about buoyancy, vibrating fluids, and upside down floating toy boats.

Brain Matters: Unconscious learning underlies belief in God, study suggests. We talk about unconsciously detecting patters, how this study was performed, and a bit about our own beliefs.

Science Fiction: We talk about a ton in this episode and I already typed this all out once and lost it, so here’s a list: The Three Body Problem and Netflix, Harley Quinn, Xbox Series X announcements, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Raised by Wolves, Star Trek Discovery season 3, Lower Decks, Lovecraft Country, Legend of Korra, and The Boys.

This was an extra long episode. We were compensating for missing last week. And that’s it. Promise.



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