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SFP: Episode 338: A Sweet Spot For Napping

This episode contains: Ben has something to say about the state of grape buying in this country. Steven is still reminding everyone he has a 3D printer.

Lend Me Some Sugar, I Am Your Neighbor: NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover safely lands on Red Planet! We talk about the rover and how it is taking samples to BRING BACK TO EARTH and also it has a drone attached for the FIRST FLIGHT ON MARS. How amazing is all of that?!

Brain Matters?: New research reveals the genetic basis for daytime napping. Genome-wide association study with over 450,000 data points was conducted and it turns out that 123 regions in the human genome are associated with daytime napping. Ben relates this study to how Salvador Dali took his naps.

Science Fiction: We talk about how we spent our Valentine’s Days with our significant others. Steven is excited for X-Wing Miniatures news. Ben watched some Pixar Popcorn and Steven bought some humble bundle Fallout stuff. We wrap up with a long talk about the latest episode of WandaVision. Steven spends (probably) too much time talking about the Young Avengers. In the end, the two speculate on how Magneto could be introduced into the MCU.

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